About us

Welcome to waveprogress, we develop environmentally sustainable fashion for Generation Z - creating products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials.

We design products for dreaming in, long summer nights with your friends and the adventures of your teenage years. We create our products with smart technology and use as many sustainable & recyclable elements as possible.

We are starting a movement. Create your own future. 

Our Collection 

Our collective spends many months working on solutions for sustainable clothing that looks cool. The results are thoughtful collections of the clothes you were dreaming of.

The range uses bio-based, recycled fibres and materials made from recycled plastic bottles. We combine natural botanical dyes made from natural sources such as plants, with innovative antibacterial peppermint to stay fresh for longer. We also use NFC technology for complete supply chain transparency.
With WAVEPROGRESSS you can make sustainable choices without compromising on style.

WAVEPROGRESS meaning and inspiration

Wave: a sudden occurrence of or increase in a phenomenon, feeling, or emotion.

Progress: development towards an improved or more advanced condition.

Mission & Vision

We create a connection between sustainable clothes and young designs to accelerate Generation Z´s transition to sustainable fashion.

Our vision is a world in which Generation Z only wears sustainable and recycled fashion without compromising on anything. Clothing that has no negative impact on our environment and still looks cool.

Our Values

1. Striving for perfection in your experience.

We work side by side with you in the design process of development. For Gen Z by Gen Z. 

2. Treating workers like humans not machines. 

Every individual has the right to choose their own future. We create opportunities and perspectives to unleash the full potential of every member of our collective with the goal to persuade happiness and fulfillness. 

3. Using sustainable resources only. 

Our production chain consists entirely of environmentally sustainable raw materials, energy and technologies.

4. Supporting the needs of the environment and all live forms.

We use a part of our profit to donate to NPOSs with the intention of helping nature, animals and humans.

5. Providing full transparency.

Every stage of our journey is accessible for everyone, providing complete traceability and authenticity.